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The ConnectorIO® Add-ons is set of open source extensions which aim openHAB® project. Extensions described in this documentation helps to monitor various hardware automation systems.

Almost each and every extension described here offers a complete path needed to discover, track and register data reported by integrated hardware.

The ConnectorIO® Add-ons is compatible with openHAB®, an open source project targeted towards home appliances. It is also compatible with other software distributions which embed openHAB® project.


This document describes installation and configuration procedure of ConnectorIO® Add-ons. openHAB® is popular home automation software, however its architecture is extensible through various plugins. This architecture permits connectivity with many other solutions - including industrial hardware.

The "HAB" part of openHAB® name is "Hardware Abstraction Bus" for us, rather than Home Automation Bus meant by its origin authors. ConnectorIO sp. z o.o. promote this use through provisioning and support of extensions described in this document. Bare openHAB® can connect to devices such as heating boilers, multimedia systems down to small sensors or smart meters. So it is able to do a lot on its own through generic Modbus, MQTT and other extensions which cover various solar inverters, energy meters and some PLC kinds. With ConnectorIO® Add-ons it is possible to pair all above with typical industrial equipment which work beyond smart homes.

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